October 23, 2020

About Us

Ginko Financial allows Second Life players to open savings accounts with a daily yield and allows them to make money on their spare cash, instead of just letting it sit in their accounts doing nothing.

Ginko Financial takes part of the total cash deposited and gives loans to various trustworthy entities and persons, to make the money necessary to pay the daily interest rate. We keep a healthy reserve in pure linden dollars to pay people who wish to take money out of their accounts, so almost all withdrawals are cleared within minutes, most being instantaneous.

We would however like to make clear that, in order to pay the interest rate, we must put the money to profitable use. That being the case, we cannot guarantee that we will always have enough to pay people quickly, though we will endeavour to do so. Also, there is inherent business risk involved in this venture. These accounts not being insured in any way by any government, like in the case of most real life savings accounts, we cannot guarantee that we will never go bankrupt.

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